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David’s Weekly Wrap Up

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David Gibbons 17 February, 2019 at 7:40 am

David Gibbons, Director of RT Media, has 40 years of experience, knowledge and skills in business (management, consultancy, strategic planning) and communication (teaching, event management, fundraising, journalism, broadcasting and new/digital media—social, website, app development). RT Media is a major provider of news and business opportunities for the global printer cartridge remanufacturing industry.

First color dongle gear solution goes to market, and the Egyptian government backs the consumables expo in Cairo are among the top news stories this week.

Ninestar Releases the First Dongle Gear Solution

Ninestar claims it is the first to market with the dongle gear solution for color printer cartridges. After 5 years in the making, the China-based company is releasing its aftermarket color cartridge solution for the CE 310 and 350 cartridges used in HP 1025 printers. The new technology solution will be on display at Paperworld in Germany. As you can see, the gears on the Ninestar product with the blue end case operate differently to the HP gear. The Canon designed printer engine has only one printer drive. To complete the four color process, the drive keeps spinning, requiring a perfectly matched coupling with the dongle gear, on each cartridge, each time. To complete the typical 1,000 page yield printing cycle, the print drive has to engage with each color cartridge’s gears 1,000 times. Ninestar says its parallel gear design perfectly matches the print drive and ensures a smooth printing experience. There are about 600,000 HP printers using the Canon engine in Europe. That means there will be an expected demand for about 6.6 million cartridges during 2018. Ninestar says it is very much aware of the 12 lawsuits Canon has conducted in Europe since May 2014 in France, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Italy. Visitors attending PaperWorld in Frankfurt between January 27 and 30 will see the new technology at the Ninestar exhibit booth.


Hubei Dinglong Booms!

Hubei Dinglong, one of the big 5 print consumables companies in China has told its shareholders the publicly listed company grew 30.84 percent in the last year. Demand for color toner continues to grow rapidly and the company is on track to sell 32.75 million US dollars for the year, up 25.1 percent over the previous year. The sale of compatible cartridges for the group hit 133 million US dollars, up by 25.85 percent year on year.



Steve Weedon Joins Print-Rite

Steve Weedon has moved to Zhuhai, China to head up strategic development at Print-Rite. According to Weedon, Print-Rite is the most vertically integrated organization in the entire industry producing chips, toner, ink and 4,000 components supplies. Weedon has held senior roles at Cartridge World and Static Control.



RT Imaging Expo Bestowed Authentication

The Egyptian government has agreed to back the first print consumables expo in the country. The Ministry of Trade and Industry has requested the RT Imaging Expo to use its official government logo saying the event is under the official patronage of the ministry. The government’s endorsement and presence at the expo is guaranteed to attract media attention and wide exposure of the event to the printing consumables industry in the EMEA region.




In Brief

  • Canon and JT Company have agreed to resolve their pending patent dispute before the District Court Düsseldorf in Germany.
  • Outspoken Xerox investors Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason are calling for the replacement of Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson, old guard directors, and the end of the company’s joint agreement with Fuji Xerox in Japan.
  • HP Inc and HP Enterprise will remain as tenants for a while following the sale of their sprawling Boise, Idaho, campus for about 110 million US dollars to the State of Idaho.
  • Following a mire of controversies in India during 2017, Ricoh may pull out of the growing market. A 73.6% majority shareholder has now withdrawn all financial support to Ricoh making it difficult for it to meet debt obligations.
  • Canon has filed a suit with the Moscow City Economic Court against LLC VTT and LLC Pallady for infringing its patents on certain printer cartridges being sold in the Russian market.
  • According to Actionable Intelligence, HP has sent cease and desist letters to some German based ink cartridge remanufacturers.
  • the world’s largest aftermarket retailer on the internet has entered the wholesale market in North America. You can read more about how the internet is transforming Aaron Leon’s LD Products business in this month’s RT Imaging World news and views magazine.

For all the details of these stories and other breaking news every day, go to RTMworld.com/2d. Or get a copy of our monthly news and views magazine featuring mobile printing revolution this month.


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David Gibbons.