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ATTENTION! Check Your Preparation List for RemaxWorld Expo

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MarketSmart 18 July, 2018 at 9:50 am

MarketSmart belongs to RT group which provide marketing & promotion services to other enterprises.

A well-chosen expo provides fantastic visibility among those in your target market, as well as the opportunity to forge profitable new business partnerships for the year ahead.

Now it’s time to focus on the details that will shape your on-site success. Use this checklist to prepare for some of the big — and little — things that you’ll want to accomplish in the coming events.




First of all, you need to mark down the time & venue of the Expo:


WHEN: From Thursday, October 12th to Saturday, October 15th.

WHERE: Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center.

(For the details of expo, please refer to https://www.rtmworld.com/2d/events/remaxworld2017/ )


Take care of the minor details now:


  • Prepare Your People


  1. Begin travel planning – Look into airline tickets and car rentals, if needed. You can book hotels rooms at discounted rates at organizer’s supplier:


  1. Create a schedule – Create a preliminary booth schedule for your staff based on anticipated traffic. Be sure to bring enough team members to cover every meeting!
  2. Define and assign roles – Each person on your team should know clearly what his/her job will be on site.
  3. Develop talking points – Create at least three compelling talking points for staff to convey to clients or prospects during conversations. Make sure your staff can speak at least English fluently, hire an interpreter in Spanish, German or other languages if needed.
  4. Dress and act professionally – You don’t always need to wear a suit—business casual is usually fine—but for business occasions, it’s best to dress more conservatively than you might normally dress.


  • Prepare Your Booth & Collateral


  1. Review the booth design & display guidelines information – so you understand the height limits based on your booth type.
  2. Consider booth enhancements – You may need extra elements such as Audio-Visual & Computers; Booth Food & Beverage; Floral & Plants; Lead Retrieval etc.
  3. Choose your giveaways – If you plan to provide a booth giveaway, keep in mind that these customised products can take several weeks to produce, plus time for shipping.
  4. Head to the printer – Don’t wait until the last minute to order your show collateral, such as business cards, marketing brochures, copies of awesome articles on your company, or any other items you wish to produce.
  5. Get comfortable – Don’t be afraid to add special touches to your booth for comfort and convenience. Did you order trash cans? What about extra floor padding? Did you reserve enough space and good furniture for meeting? — an excellent way to keep people lingering longer at your booth.


  • Prepare Your Customer’s Care Services


  1. Get VIP cards for your significant clients – the organiser of RemaxWorld offers dedicated VIP badges. You can help your important clients to apply for the VIP badge free of charge. If you know your VIPs will visit RemaxWorld or you can invite your customers to meet in the show, you can easily tell the organiser and prepare the VIP badge for your important clients which will show your brand intimately.
  2. Tell your potential customers – Promote your booth number, location and attractive information by all means before the show. For example, you can make an email footer and attached it to all outgoing emails. Besides, you can take advantage of the industry media to post your new product information for free before the show.  Or you can act as a spoiler and tell your customers via social media what you will show in the coming event to make sure your clients catch your news & information efficiently.


  • Prepare Your Feature Activities


  1. Distinguish yourself – hold a creative & eye-catching campaign to attract visitors to your booth. Make your brand or product fun, interesting and remarkable.
  2. Consider a sponsorship opportunity – Choose a striking and widespread way to show your brand & product information such as show guide, billboard display etc.
  3. Have a new product? – Consider the RemaxWorld to be your launching venue. The organiser provides free seminar sessions for all exhibitors.  You can make use of this opportunity to promote your new products to the public.


For more preparation tips, please contact:

Sam Ho


+86 136 5141 3236