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  • 2018 World Imaging Virtual Conference

2018 World Imaging Virtual Conference

—The Industry Over the Technology Horizon

The 2018 World Imaging Virtual Conference will be held on January 10-11, 2018. The international industry experts will share their insights into, and analysis of, new technology and market trends. The innovative interactive virtual format of the conference will enable you to access practical information and solutions from the comfort of your own office or home.

Enjoy the opportunity to gather information and interact LIVE with experts without spending a moment or a cent on travel time and expense.

  • · Current and Future demands on Toner Performance Characteristics and Manufacturing Technology
  • · Cross-border communication with global industry executives
  • · Connect with the global market and establish a wider network of contacts
  • · Interactive elements: the ability to give, receive and discuss information in real- time
  • · Convenient to the participants as no one has to travel to get to the meeting
  • · Save your time and the cost of a business trip








Toners play a critical role in an electrophotographic process and many of its properties are affected by its composition and the manufacturing process used to produce them. In this presentation, the selection criteria for most toner components will be described, including how these requirements are being continuously guided by environmental, governmental and health regulations. The course will also discuss new developments that are taking place in toners, including, low energy requirements, “green” toners that comprise bio-resins and toner/print recyclability.

Dinesh Tyagi received his Ph.D. degree from Virginia Tech in 1985. He then joined Eastman Kodak Company as a Research Scientist where he specialized in the field of digital printing and polymer research. He was inducted into Kodak’s Distinguished Inventors Gallery in 1994. In 1999, he joined NexPress Solutions, which was later acquired back by Kodak. Dr. Tyagi recently joined Lexmark International where he continues to work in the area of toners and electrophotography as he has done through most of his professional career. Dr. Tyagi has been granted over 300 patents worldwide. In 2011, he was awarded the Chester F. Carlson Award for his innovations and broad contributions to electrophotographic toner technology. And in 2014, Dr. Tyagi received the Robert F. Reed Technology Medal in recognition for his involvement in the graphic communications industry.







After OEMs some intensive patent actions, esp. the series US 337 cases and EP enforcements, what is the current status, how is the patent-free cartridges, where to go next, Helen Duan will share her thoughts of 18 years in-depth research.

Duan is General Manager, Senior Partner and patent and trademark attorney for Innopat Intellectual Property Co., Ltd., and holds a Masters degree in Law. She has been honoured by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) as a ‘China IP Expert’, ‘China Patent Leading Talent’ and ‘China Patent Information Expert’, and was honoured by the All China Patent Agent Association (ACPAA) for ‘Top Level Personnel of Patent Agency in Practice of Enterprise Patent Strategy’.
Duan has over 18 years of IP experience in the imaging industry, and is a highly-recognized IP expert in the industry. She was a lawyer in the full proceedings of the Canon versus RA patent case through to the Japanese Supreme Court; an inkjet cartridge-related patent case through to the Chinese Supreme Court; and was in charge of a series of imaging products-related USITC 337 cases.
Helen speaks Chinese, English and Cantonese and was educated at the Jilin University of Technology in Science and Technology Information Engineering, as well as at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law.








Chip appeared in the Imaging industry in the late 1990’s. The evolving of imaging market started to be strongly related with chip technologies. Seldom people would have imagined that a small chip can impact the whole market. This is an era of Cross-market hijacking. Even for chip industry itself, new manufacturing technologies and analyzing approaches keep upgrading continuously. What kind of new technology will appear? Is there any unbreakable chip? What kind of company will win the chip race? We do not know the future, but we could prepare our best for it.

Jack Wong has been working in the imaging industry since 2000. He founded Zhono in 2004, and started his way to discover the chips for the global imaging aftermarket in 2006. Zhono now offers diverse laser and digital copier, and became the leading company in the industry.








Emerging trends in printing technology include energy saving, higher printing speed, & more stable print quality. We will introduce new technology in external additives for toner application and a strategy for choosing the right external additive for the job. In the end, we hope the presentation provides the formulator a powerful tool in the design of toner that meets all of today’s technical challenges.

Naohiro Naito received his Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Nagoya Institute of Technology (Japan) in 2003. He joined Lion Corporation in the same year. Since 2008, he has worked for NIPPON AEROSIL Co., Ltd. (Japan). His work has focused on research of fumed silica / fumed metal oxides and their application as external additives for toner.








Tomas McHugh, PhD, Manager- Extended Materials Business, GC WW EPS Materials Manufacturing

Dr. McHugh’s current work in the Eastman Kodak company concerns International operations and business. He has 25 years’ experience in Electrophotography managing operations, business management and strategy. His role covers R&D and Toner Plant design and construction for Chemical & Mechanical toners. Dr. McHugh holds more than 10 highly innovative patents and is an expert in Process Intensification Methodology. His recent work has been highly focused on sustainability and “Green” technology. Dr. McHugh has been with Eastman Kodak for 30 years joining the company after gaining his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Heriot-Watt  University in Edinburgh, Scotland.










Cartridge technology has evolved from an unchipped, omnivore and robust monochrome cartridge using conventional toner to a highly specific matched system with highly patented interactions and designed to fail components, using chemically produced toners with a lot of programmed tricks on a chip. This presentation will give an overview of the evolution of toner cartridges and how the genuine repair aftermarket is tackling these challenges.

Volker Kappius studied Business Administration with a focus on Marketing, International Management and Organizational Psychology at the University of Hamburg. He also holds a postgraduate degree in Business Ethics. Volker joined Delacamp in 2005 after working for Dell Computers and a business consulting company.






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