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19 Ways to Integrate Social Media into your RemaxWorld Promotion Plan

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MarketSmart 22 June, 2018 at 6:26 am

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There is no doubt that SOCIAL MEDIA now is occupying our social lives and even commercial communication. Integrating social media into your event marketing plan is a must-do way to enhance your company’s trade show presence and improve online exposure. We would like to discuss on how to use social media to connect with your potential clients before, after and during RemaxWorld Expo for optimal results.

Pre-Show Social Media Marketing

1. Hashtag

Find out what the trade show’s official hashtags are for the show, and start following it 2-4 weeks prior to the show to learn trends and connect with key industry players. Use the hashtag and promote how you will be at the show on Twitter, Facebook or Weibo. Consider creating a hashtag specific to your company or campaign.

2.   Video

Often new products or services are introduced at trade shows. Create a teaser video on YouTube to share before the show.

3.   Creative Campaign

What is the incentive to get people to the show at your booth? Share a photo that will get them excited and entice people to come check it out.

4.   Invitation

Do you have LinkedIn connections that you would like to invite to your booth personally or maybe have a lunch meeting? Go ahead and send them a personal LinkedIn message and ask to connect in person at the event.

5.   Custom Web Page

Create a landing page on your website specifically for the event. The dedicated web page will be an excellent way to direct your booth visitors directly to the information that pertains to them and have measurable web statistics as well.

6.   Sponsorship

Is your company sponsoring an event or a speaker at the show? Be sure to promote your involvement to your followers to the special event or seminar ahead of time via social media.

7. Interact with Industry Media

Connect with industry specific media contacts via Twitter, LinkedIn or Weibo, and ask them to stop by your booth to see new products, attend a seminar you are speaking at, or consider writing about XYZ story idea. Press contacts will like having many photos and story ideas to write about and tweet about.

8. Holding a VIP Party or other special event

You could create a Facebook or Wechat event pre-show to invite people and create some buzz prior to the party.

At-Show Social Media Marketing

9. Find Your Interesting Stories

If you meet a customer who is ecstatic about your products or has a great story, ask if you can to take their photo (or video), then share their photo with their story or testimonial via social media.

10. Photos, Photos and Photos

Images will be a fabulous way to give people who are not at the show a glimpse into the happenings. Not all the photos have to be on the show floor – pictures after show hours or at special events can also be fun. One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

11. Video Recording

If you are speaking or sponsoring a speaker at the conference, take video of it to share later. Make sure the speaker has a microphone or videotaping is close enough to hear video adequately.

12. Post Interesting Content

Exhibitions and conferences are busy but don’t forget that you can schedule tweets and Facebook posts. This could be particularly useful if you are presenting on a topic at a particular time – schedule tweets of the major talking points during your presentation for your seminar attendees and those who could not make it.

13. Combination of Offline & Online Promotion

Contests or giveaways can combine social media with visiting the booth in person. For instance, you could advertise a contest in your booth, have entries come thru the Facebook page, and then have the winners return to your booth to get their prize.

14. Convenience for Visitor to Reach You

Include web addresses, QR codes, and calls-to-action to your social networks in your booth display as appropriate.

15. Sharing Good Content on Time

Remember, one reason for participating in social media while you are at the show is to “bring the show” to those people who cannot physically be there. Posting timely photos and show updates will help attendees who are hundreds of miles away feel like they are there at the show with you.

Post-Show Social Media Marketing

16. Follow Your Potential Clients

Go thru you leads, business cards, and notes to see if there are people you met that you can connect with on Linkedin, follow on Twitter, or Like their business page. Make yourself more memorable by including a personal note or comment along with the connection.

17. Blog

Write a blog post about participating in the show. You could use the seminar discussions, customer questions, or a story as the topic of your post.

18. Following Up

You need to make sure your email includes links to all your social media accounts during in follow up the inquiries.

19. Keynote Sharing via Social Media

If you held a seminar or have other educational materials from the show, it is great content to share after the event. You could share video clips of the seminar, slides on Sharepoint, or links to a PDF handout via social media.

These are just a handful of ideas to make your RemaxWorld presence more social. Using the pre-show and post-show ideas will also help stretch your tradeshow marketing efforts for a longer time period instead of just a few days.
If you have more new ideas or enquiry, please feel free to share or connect with us.

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