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10 TIPS to Attract More Visitors to Your Booth at RemaxWorld

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MarketSmart 18 July, 2018 at 11:16 am

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Thousands of industry players come to Zhuhai for RemaxWorld Expo from around the globe every year. However, are you well prepared for the show? How could your company to be stand out from other 480+ exhibitors?

This is a troublesome universal question for all marketers in print consumables industry. As a responsible & professional expo organiser, we want to support you to look for business opportunities. So please feel free to make use of the following tips and share with your team, we are looking forward to hearing good news from your side.

The 10 tips:

1. Organize competitions

Competition is the most commonly used but also the most abused strategy to attract visitors to your exhibition stand. This strategy works best if you approach it intelligently. Make sure that the competition ties in with your product or brand and that it supports the message of your marketing campaign.

2. Share knowledge

One of the most practical strategies regarding generating quality leads in a B2B context is sharing knowledge by offering free whitepapers, eBooks, reports, etc. This can of course also be done online. Get the contact details of interested parties and send them the information via USB stick, email, NFC, RFID and so on. You can put similar strategy and “share” your knowledge on-site in the exhibition and help you to identify potential clients.

3. Get ‘Likes’ offline

Invite your offline visitors to ‘like’ your product or service online as well. Discuss it with them during their visit to your trade booth. Try to combine more online and offline interaction.

4. Wi-Fi Support

A decent Wi-Fi connection even in the year 2017 is still a problem at most events and exhibitions. If you’re a smart exhibitor, you’ll make your Wi-Fi freely available to your visitors. But be sure to set a condition: they must give something in return, such as their contact information.

5. Tweetup

Organize a Tweetup. Invite visitors via Twitter or Weibo to get together in person. For example, at your exhibition stand. Make use of these kinds of free social media platform to pre-contact your potential clients.

6. Workstation

Free some space on your stand for a workstation. Offer visitors a place where they have access to an Internet connection and electrical power. It will afford them the opportunity to catch their breath in some peace, and possibly even do some work. Make sure that your salespeople do not bother them during this time. Turn that corner of your booth into a place where visitors can mentally and physically recharge their batteries. It will surely be appreciated!

7. Advertise on the event show guide

Show guide is the place with all kinds of information. Visitors will turn to the show guide frequently during the show. Besides, as the event show guide collected all of the exhibitors’ information, it will also become as a procurement directory after the show. So make sure you have the best ad space and an engaging message on it!

8. Product Launch

One of the main reasons visitors go to a trade show is to find out current new products. That’s why your participation in the expo will provide an excellent opportunity for a new product launch. If you grant VIP visitors exclusivity to be the first to learn about your new product, the launch simply cannot fail, especially when the RemaxWorld Seminar is free for all the exhibitors, so why not try to launch your new product in the RemaxWorld Expo?

9. Pre-show Promotion

Conventions are commonly be considered as an excellent opportunity to meet with new customers. In fact, it is also an outstanding opportunity to make contact with existing customers before the event, is often overlooked. Inform your existing clientele in advance about your expo participation. Make sure that your customers know that you will be there and what you’ll be doing: lectures, promotions, campaigns, etc. They will recognize and acknowledge you immediately during their visit. If you need more advice on how to do the pre-show promotion, contact us now!

10. Ask questions

Another way to attract visitors is to approach them with questions or polls. Visiting a trade fair can be a fairly passive affair: strolling along the stands, collecting brochures, and having goodies pressed in your hands. So if you are able to give your opinion or input, you suddenly feel a lot more involved and active as an industry influencer.

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